• September 30, 2023


XTRF is a tool that supports process management in a company. It was established in 2004 and has been developing rapidly since then. Currently, XTRF is conquering foreign markets and from there it generates as much as 95% of its revenues.

Work equipment is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Tasks that were once performed manually have been replaced by special software. This is to improve and speed up work. Systems such as XTRF are responsible for this automation.

XTRF - a programme that conquers foreign markets

A lot has changed since the first launch of XTRF. The global customer base has increased dramatically by about 40%, and the company has already announced that it has no intention of stopping and will seek out customers, especially in Europe, North America and Asia. Currently, the results already look impressive, as XTRF reached PLN 550 thousand of guaranteed monthly revenue. However, XTRF's expansion into foreign markets is still underway, announcing further growth and global scaling.

A company dealing with software created for translation agencies and not only striving to become a global leader in its field. The chances are good, because currently there are over 300 clients under their wings.

As you can see, the innovative XTRF software has been appreciated on foreign markets. This powerful tool used by customers, managers and salespeople alike has found recognition not only in Poland, because, according to the head of the company, 65% of customers are from Europe, 20% from the US and 10% from Asia. You can see that XTRF is going like a storm and slowly conquering more foreign markets.

XTRF system

The huge potential of XTRF

The Krakow company, which was established fifteen years ago, still amazes at how boldly and without respite it is moving forward. It can boast a smaller number of outgoing customers than those who buy additional services. This allows us to forecast further progress, especially in foreign markets. Above all, success is not only a well-built software that organizes work and allows you to control the course of individual projects, but also a proactive approach to the customer. With the right relationship building and responding to customer needs, XTRF can boast impressive results today.

The Customer Success department is particularly suitable for companies like XTRF, which are based on the Software-as-a-Service model. In this arrangement, attention is paid not only to customer satisfaction, but also to the attitude of departing customers to new ones. In the case of XTRF, the churn rate indicated only 4.5% per year with over 5% per month for the industry.

All these factors have led to XTRF winning foreign markets more and more boldly every year.

XTRF announces further development and takes a specific direction in which the company will go. He is primarily focused on sourcing cash from customers in advance to be able to finance his growth.

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