• January 29, 2023

Working as a business trainer under a magnifying glass

The way to your dreams

Sooner or later there comes a moment when the knowledge we managed to gain starts to be used in practice. We are then intensively looking for information that is useful and trying to take advantage of every opportunity that may be conducive to our development. However, when in our daily work good results come without putting more effort into it, our motivation to improve our qualifications slowly decreases.

Coach supervision

If a coach wants to be one of the best, he should not settle on his laurels. A good solution turns out to be the use of professional coaching supervision. It should be remembered that people who have a distance will notice possible shortcomings and weaknesses more quickly. It seems that the primary task of the person observing our actions is to catch the mistakes we have made. Therefore, it is not difficult to misconceive that the purpose of supervision is simple criticism.

Even if it turns out to be right, the very fact that we are being judged can cause us fears and a great reluctance. Individuals who consider themselves competent, well-established in their knowledge and wide experience may ask themselves the question "why do I really need it? However, when we learn exactly what supervision is, what its purpose is and what benefits it allows us to achieve, answering the question turns out to be much simpler.

Success in the industry

Supervision - what is it?

It is assumed that its origins date back to the time when the first factories were established, in which not one, but several craftsmen worked. Those who were older and had more experience supervised the work of younger people. They also passed on their knowledge to them. During the Industrial Revolution, the superiors checked how their pupils dealt with their work.

At that time, supervision was a tool to control the reliability and efficiency of those who participated in the production process. It also had the task of coordinating the functions of the company or the department that had been appointed. This approach only changed in the 20th century. It was then that the supervision saw a much greater potential, which had simply not been noticed so far.

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