• September 30, 2023

Who will succeed as a business coach? Part I

A recipe for success as a business coach

In connection with the fact that the business market is constantly changing, one can notice various benefits from the fact that the employees' competences will be taken care of. It was from this need that the profession of a business coach was born, whose work can be based on experience and inspiring others.

The interest in this type of profession is growing all the time, but can everyone undertake such work with a group?

It is worth looking at this profession and thinking about its shades and shades. It seems to be such a real profession of the future. A good business trainer is a qualified specialist in a given industry. His work will primarily consist in shaping and developing soft competences of training participants. This will concern the area of negotiations, change management, time organization or effective sales techniques. The profession will be dominated by flexible working hours combined with weekend work. The world of training for many people is a land of milk and honey, but if we look closer at this market, it may look a bit different. Without good preparation it is impossible to achieve success.

An unusual but demanding profession

Working as a business coach is currently very popular. In our country, however, it is still a young profession. It is only for about 20 years that we will be talking about it. That is why we still do not have the legal regulation of this profession. It will also not be in the Classification of Occupations and Specialities. The popularization of the profession was mainly influenced by the development of entrepreneurship and training services. It is also not insignificant that we now still have the possibility of receiving support from EU funds.

The incentive to join the wide range of trainers is invariably the aura of prestige that surrounds them and the myths of great earnings and a free way of life are associated with it. In the public consciousness we have such an idea that in the world of business coaches there will be just like in the circle of actors. You can get up when you want, lead a lifestyle that suits you. Within a week you will be able to earn up to 10,000 and then the next month you can already have free. However, if we have such an image, it is actually a bit misleading and we have to pay attention to it.

If we really want to earn money, we will need proper preparation and a long period of internship.

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