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Marketing in business

Few people know who a business coach and a business psychologist will be and what tasks they perform. If we want to answer these questions, it is worth to be interested in the history connected with it. The term coach from English referred to sports coaches. It is worth to imagine what it looks like to train athletes. These are, of course, teacher-pupil relations, where the teacher is the trainer and his most important task will be to teach in order to achieve success.

Realizing the effectiveness of the teacher-pupil formula already in the twentieth century, attempts were made to transfer it to the field of business. In this situation we already have a relationship with a businessman trainer, i.e. a person who takes care of someone else in terms of running a business in a particular company. By making an analogy to a sports coach, a business coach helps to achieve business success for the businessman. A coach will mean a trainer and the concept of business coaching is equivalent to that of a business coach. Coaching business is also spoken with the use of tracing paper. Although you should speak Polish correctly, you should use the term business trainer. Therefore, a business trainer provides services that help achieve the business goal by optimizing business processes.

Who is a business psychologist?

Substantive terms trainer and psychologist will be very similar to each other. A psychologist helps to apply the knowledge of psychology in business, because psychology has important applications and will be important, it is used in advertising and marketing. When this is the term used to describe the activities of people who typically deal with psychology, who, of course, want to transfer to the advertising market. Thanks to the use of psychology in advertising, it is possible to act effectively on the consumer, his behaviour or preferences, and this is how we will encourage him to buy goods or services.

Business psychology

Psychology in business

In business psychology, it has been known for a long time that there are various elements and different emotions that evoke stimuli that are also different from each other. These include smells, sound and shapes. Other categories include smile, children, animals and even sex. Therefore, a business psychologist, just like a trainer, will provide services for companies, institutions or organizations. Summing up and answering the main idea we have to say that a trainer and a business psychologist are specialists who have the opportunity to help us in defining business objectives and then in their implementation with the use of modern tools available for this purpose.

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