• January 28, 2023

Who has a chance of success as a business coach? Part II

Opportunity to succeed as a business coach

From a novice to a highly qualified trainer

Everyone who is interested in a career as a business coach should start with a thorough diagnosis of their own. A good solution is to perform a number of tests under the supervision of perfectly prepared specialists. Based on their knowledge, you can create a map of your strengths and weaknesses. This will also allow us to know whether we have the predispositions to practise this profession. If the interpretation is beneficial to us, you can start learning without fear by enrolling in the school of business trainers.

It is true that people with no special qualifications can take up a job as a business trainer, but in large tenders you have much less chance of finding a job. The market is able to choose the best trainers in a given category. Knowledge, education, references and experience are taken into account. When choosing a school, it is necessary to check what its tradition is and who is a master in it.

The choice of school should be guided by the idea "by the effects of cognition". If you have the opportunity to do so, you should talk to people who have graduated from the school and see how they have done in the labour market. Especially recommended are those schools where preliminary interviews are held, during which the needs of candidates are determined. Reliable training, which prepares for the profession, should last at least one year. In addition, it is worth taking courses in creativity, process and conflict management, interpersonal relations and the art of building relations. Immediately after graduation it is worthwhile to decide to do a professional practice under the supervision of a master.

A young adept of this profession should carefully observe a good trainer at work. This is a very valuable lesson. Next comes the time to try your hand at the training room and use the so-called supervision, which allows you to get feedback. Thanks to supervision it is possible to obtain information about what has been achieved and what needs to be worked on in order to achieve better results. The profession of a business trainer is a possibility to choose one of three different professional paths.

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