• September 30, 2023

Waterproof smartphones from different price shelves

Waterproof smartphones

When it comes Monday, many people have a great time with water that day. And what about our smartphone when we are splashed? It's worth looking for equipment that can withstand more water than what can attack it on that very day. There are already quite a lot of different devices on the market, which are resistant to water.

Unfortunately, a large part of them are flagships, whose prices are very high. However, cheaper equipment with such options is much less expensive. So it is worth getting to know this market a bit better and thus see what equipment at lower prices may arouse interest here.


Samsung Galaxy S8 (IP68)

Flagship device from Samsung with very narrow frames. Thanks to this, we have a large screen and components that guarantee high performance of the equipment. Including the IP68 protection, which is able to protect this device from water and dust. However, the cost is four thousand zlotys.

iPhone 7 (IP67)

Equipment from Apple costs the cheapest about 3400 PLN so slightly less than Samsung. It also has one degree less protection against water and dust, but still performs well in this respect, it will be equipment that can withstand the effects of water and dust. The components used in this equipment guarantee excellent performance and fast operation.

LG G6 (IP68)

The flagship device for 2017 looks quite interesting. The smartphone is made of glass like the Galaxy S8 and has a large screen with unusual proportions, which means that the device itself is not as big. its great advantage is, among other things, an excellent camera. The device is protected against water and dust at a very good IP68 level.

Waterproof smartphones

Sony Xperia XZ Premium (IP68)

This is new from Sony for this year. The price of about 3200 PLN seems to be advantageous, especially that the components are at a good level. The device also has a very good camera. Characteristic is, of course, the angular casing, to which Sony has already accustomed its customers.


Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 (IP68)

This is an average price shelf from Samsung, a device that has a 4.7 inch Amoled screen. The small diagonal makes it possible to have a device that is really ideal in terms of ergonomics. Thanks to this, it also works on batteries for a long time. The equipment is protected against water and dust.

Sony Xperia M5 (IP68)

It's an average from Sony, a 5 inch FHD screen, a processor that performs pretty well and also a good camera. The device is protected against water and dust.


MyPhone Hammer Axe M LTE (IP68)

It is a device for people who are looking for equipment with exceptional durability. This equipment is reinforced in such a way that there is no problem with falls, water or dust. Made of magnesium and rubber, it can handle even the most difficult conditions. There is no problem with high and low temperatures, falls. In addition, we have a battery that is supposed to work for 21 days in standby mode.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 (IP68)

This device, which looks like a regular phone, the amplification that is prepared there is not visible to the naked eye but actually exists. The equipment is resistant to water, dust, shocks, falls, extreme temperatures and crushing.

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