• September 30, 2023

Trainer-manager - what should be remembered?

The profession of the future

Whoever asks doesn't err

The ability to ask questions will be very important, because we are discovering new opportunities ourselves. The employee has the impression that he or she will discover some possibilities on his or her own, he or she will surely feel comfortable with his or her innovation.

Feedback - feedback

Feedback will be important for the whole process. The employee expects the manager to make progress in recognising successes or to constructively identify areas that can be further developed and improved.

Listening skills

In addition, the manager must be able to listen in order to effectively apply the new method of management. During the conversation you should be able to sense the different emotions that may appear. Sometimes there will be an expectation. These issues must ultimately be taken into account and responded to when the moment comes.

Responsibilities of a business coach


Changing management methods is very often a difficult task, which will require many different issues to be organised. If someone is afraid of losing control or position in the team, coaching can teach him or her how to get used to it. These are just some of the difficulties that can arise. If someone is not able to cope with it, it will really be difficult for them to develop. Coaching talks are in fact often a serious problem, which will be difficult to deal with for many people who do not have the right approach to such talks.

Overcome your own limitations

It is our limitations that are very important, and it is an element that will have to be taken into account. If we are able to overcome them, there will be a good chance that we will begin to develop. Initially, there will probably be resistance to a change in steering style. It's natural. In coaching we seemingly worship the power of our co-workers, sometimes there is also something like a partnership relationship.

This is how you build a strong bond with the employee and you can also gain influence on his or her attitude. A manager builds authority not because he has power, but because of who he is and how he behaves as a human being. The elements to be taken into account in modern management are very many and the skills of the person who will take care of it are indeed very important.

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