• September 30, 2023

Preparation of the conference room

Modern conference room

A conference room prepared for a company event can resemble a house prepared for the reception of guests. In our house guests must be well and every thing must be fastened to the last button. At home, the reputation of the family and its social position is at stake. During the conference the rate is much higher, because the success of a business event determines the success of the company and this cannot be underestimated.

First impression

Much of the success is decided in the first moments after the appearance of guests in the room. This is, of course, the first impression that will be created by the preparation of the Chamber. The first impression is extremely important in all social interactions, because it is on the basis of this impression that everyone makes an initial opinion about others. If the first impression is good, guests will be more forgiving in the future and their overall attitude will be positive. If the first impression is not the best, from the beginning the conference organizer will have to make up for the initial losses.

Order is important

A very important issue is the impression of order that guests will have when they enter the conference room. All the things present there must be arranged in a logical way, they must have their place and there must be no disorder. Importantly, it does not have to be a functional order at all. It's all about the right impression that guests will have. Cleanliness, lack of dust, absence of spots - all this will make the space look good.

Arrangement of the conference room


An issue that many conference organisers forget about is the smell floating in the meeting room. It is usually neutral and no special efforts are needed to ensure this. Sometimes, however, unfortunately, it is not so good, which makes it necessary to take action to improve the smell. This is usually the case in rooms finished with old materials, floor coverings or in a room where there is simply a smell. The room must be ventilated and, if this is not sufficient, the use of odour-causing agents is also necessary. Sometimes some of these issues are out of the organizer's control, because opening windows in the city center can cause suffocation of the guests with exhaust fumes. Then you just have to choose a room better.

Things at hand

During the conference it is relatively easy to predict what things will be needed. Usually it is electronic equipment, notebooks, markers and things typical of a meeting. All these things must be easily and quickly accessible so that they do not have to be searched for at the time of the event. What's more, there must be a reserve for each of the key things. This must not end up in such a way that a failure of one computer will make it impossible to hold a conference. Breakdowns happen. You have to be prepared for it.

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