• January 29, 2023

Porsche Panamera GTS - a sporting experience for the whole family

Porsche Panamera GTS test

The F1 track in Bahrain served us as a test site for the 460-horsepower Porsche Panamera GTS. In comfortable conditions it can travel, depending on the version, four or five passengers. And just as importantly, each of them can take a large suitcase with them - a generously sized rack can hold everything a family with two children needs.

For the fifth place in the GTS Sport Tourismo version we will have to pay an additional 15 000 PLN. The 4-litre, double-charged V8 engine comes from the more powerful Turbo version and reaches 460 hp in the GTS. The acoustic impression is guaranteed by the sporty exhaust with black painted tips.

Porsche created Panamera as a sports limousine. A combination of great performance and comfort for those who dream of 911, but need a more practical car. It's a bit paradoxical, but it turned out that the market welcomed this car very positively. But can every Panama be called a sporting one? The multitude of body configurations (4 or 5 seats, extended wheelbase version), engines from 330 to 680 hp and 4x4 or rear-wheel drive raise some doubts. Get rid of them as soon as possible, as every version guarantees unforgettable emotions - driving, quality of finish and driving position are uncompromising.

It would seem that the 680-horsepower Turbo is the most sporty variation of Panamera. Well, no. It is the GTS that is just being described. This is the missing link between the 440-horsepower S version and the 550 hp Turbo. A small difference in power between S and GTS could suggest that they are driven by the same, slightly modified, 3-litre V6 engine. But that's not true, the engineers inserted a 4-litre V8 straight from the Turbo variety.

Porsche Panamera

Of course, it differs in software, but it still has aggressive characteristics and is able to show the claws. The combination of a forked 8-cylinder engine and a sporty exhaust system provides a spectacular acoustic experience. A calm V8 bubble or an angry roar of the engine screwing in at high speed - we don't know for ourselves what's more pleasing to the ear. Add to this the 620 Nm of torque available in the 1800-4500 rpm range and the precise steering for a fully-fledged sports car. Of particular concern may be the behaviour of a 2-tonne long limousine in bends. However, a few kilometres behind the wheel is enough to dispel any doubts - the Panamera GTS corners run smoothly, reliably and with the lightness of its smaller brothers.

Excellent handling is due to the air suspension, which is reduced by 10 mm and the shock absorber hardness adjustment system. Electromechanical PDCC Sport stabilizers and the PTV Plus system also contribute to driving safety. Based on the steering wheel position and accelerator pedal, the latter brakes the rear right or left wheel for more precise cornering. The test unit was equipped with brake discs with a diameter larger than in a normal Panamera - 390 mm at the front and 365 mm at the rear. In addition, there are optional ceramic elements in the brake system.

The translucent display used for the first time on the Bahrain circuit is very clear and at the same time does not interfere with the ride. GTS is not only about great suspension and engine. The manufacturer made sure that the car also stands out visually - black rims, emblems or light elements emphasize the unique character of the car.

Porsche Panamera GTS - what do we think?

We are under no illusions that more customers will choose Turbo or Turbo S varieties based on dry technical data. They are not only stronger, but also more expensive - which in some circles is also important. In our opinion, however, it is GTS that delivers the most pure, primitive and harsh emotions, especially in Sport Plus mode.

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