• September 30, 2023

Occupation with a future - business trainer

Interesting work

How do we associate the profession of a business coach?

Most people are aware of the vision of a person constantly traveling, visiting interesting places, getting up late from bed and rushing to drink coffee. Then during one day they earn a few or several thousand zlotys and they can no longer do anything until the end of the month.

But is this really the case?

Doesn't this profession require anything more?

A professional business trainer is a real specialist in his field. It is not a person who has come from an accident, but based his or her training on years of work, experience and knowledge gained during employment in other forms. A business coach cannot rest on his laurels and has to be up to date with business trends and directions in which his industry is heading. Such a person also constantly deepens his or her knowledge of negotiations, soft techniques in transferring knowledge, organization of working time and motivation for effective sales.

There are no specific working hours here, the trainer is focused on working on different days and hours, even at weekends and evenings. Working in this profession requires constant self-education and raising one's qualifications, because without preparation and proper self-discipline, one cannot count on success.

Business trainer - an interesting profession, but for the ambitious

The profession of trainer in Poland appeared about 20 years ago, which is quite a new profession, where there are no precise standards and strict professional norms yet. This profession was created due to the demand of the market and the development of entrepreneurship in our country. Employers wanting to improve the qualifications and knowledge of employees began to look for people who could pass on their knowledge of how to achieve success in business and commerce. A big incentive was also the subsidies from the European Union grants, which are intended for investments in people's capital and its development.

Work experience

Popularity of the profession

There is no shortage of people willing to work as a business trainer also because of the prestige it brings, earnings that have already grown to the measure of legends and the free mode of work associated with conducting training in different places and at different times. Despite the fact that a large part of the society imagines the profession of a business coach in superlatives themselves - getting up late in the afternoon, free days and earning several thousand zlotys in one day, in fact this profession requires many preparations and really hard work. The highest rates are achieved only by real masters, who spent several years of their lives in training rooms.

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