• January 28, 2023

Motivational speech - how to make it effective

Professional competence

If we start to teach others, the material we intend to convey is usually mastered in a perfect way. Apparently the best method of teaching is that the participants of the training mutually learn new topics. We should remember, however, that even a trainer with the greatest professional experience and years of practice in business will not achieve success as a business trainer unless he is also a perfect speaker and is able to convey his thoughts and knowledge in a meaningful way. During training sessions it is usually the case that people hear one thing, but understand and accept the other, and the role of the trainer is to remember what is most important for the participants in this training.

Motivational Speech

Many trainers in the course of their work meet with opinions that training does not give anything. Yes, they were cheerful, they gave examples of positive behaviour towards customers, they showed how not to behave, but in everyday work all these rules were of little use. Before starting the training with a specific group, each trainer should start with training interviews in order to determine what the group expects and what expectations they have, which will allow them to lead the training in such a way that each participant will retain positive memories and recognize that the time spent on the training was not wasted. However, sometimes it turns out that during the training, the participant had at his disposal the trainer's knowledge, practical exercises in the field of e.g. customer service, but nobody has finished the training process with a pyramid of competences, i.e. appropriate motivation to implement the discussed attitudes in practice.

Excellent speaker

Comparing it to learning to drive a car - someone knows how to turn on the engine, knows the traffic regulations, but does not know how to drive a car because he has unpleasant driving experience. Every driving instructor knows that a person with this approach will not be a good driver until he or she overcomes his or her fears. This is an important tip for motivational trainers - it is necessary to ensure that the trainees are able to apply in practice the principles developed during the training and that they are willing to do it in this way.

How to motivate employees?

First of all, the trainer must believe in what he says and does. If it is different, the group will feel it and the only thing they will remember from the training is the evening party. The trainer should not complain that the group does not want to cooperate, that he does not want to learn and underestimates the opportunity given to them by the employer. The trainer should consider whether the training fully adapts to the needs of the group.

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