• September 30, 2023

Motivational speaker versus own ego


Impact on learning

Ego can also reduce self-development. In order to feel free and to be able to develop effectively, it is necessary to get rid of ideas about who we are. It is worth trying to introduce solutions that will really make us see what we can do and what we can change in order to start our new path.

Check out

It is important to check how strong our ego is, we can ask ourselves a few questions and think about our own behaviour. It will also be important to think about whether we are able to approach things at a distance and whether we will be able to endure criticism easily. We should also realize how much we are concerned about the situation when someone proves us wrong. For many of us it is very painful and troublesome. We need to consider whether we will be able to control ourselves, whether we can also laugh at times. Such a distance to oneself is very important, it can give us many benefits in everyday life.

Drive it

Very good motivational speakers are able to transcend their own ego and take control of reactions, knowledge of how to control them. This requires working on the limitations of one's own thinking and on making one's own reactions more flexible, which are precisely controlled by our own self. Remember that a bad self-image can have a negative impact on the ability to train others. This happens at a time when our vision of ourselves is combined with numerous beliefs about what is important and proper. If we are strongly attached to and identify ourselves with our profession, we can become a slave to the rules and boundaries that will be imposed on us. Surely it will be very important to know the rules of coaches.


It is worth remembering about equality

Openness, ease of contact with another person. It is worth realizing what impact our ego will have on us. In this way, we have a chance to increase our freedom and choices, which will have a positive impact on our ability to communicate with others. A trainer can give us many skills, but it should be important for us to cooperate with him. If there is no cooperation, there will be no good results and effects.

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