• September 30, 2023

Motivation for everyone - how to acquire the willingness to act?

Cheerful joys of life

In life it can be different, at one time it is covered with roses, at other times it causes us disappointment and pain. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate oneself to act in difficult moments, but then numerous texts and motivational quotations help to make life colourful again. Many famous people in history have written famous thoughts and words on the pages of literature, which resulted from great experience and reflections. In difficult moments it is worth sitting down and reading the stories of famous people we know because they have achieved success, but we rarely know the way to triumph.

Most often it is paved with stones of defeats and sad experiences, but it never lacked hope and faith in success. So by reading the thoughts and words of people who have experienced a lot in their lives, we gain an injection of energy and sometimes only a short phrase can help us to rebound from black thoughts.

Great characters

Mark Twain warned against being among people who had a negative impact on our ambitions and reduced our willingness to succeed. He believed that if someone wanted to be great, it would be great, and surrounding oneself with other people achieving success in life was the best strategy and motivation to act. It is not worth listening to people who want to convince themselves and their surroundings that something is impossible to achieve, that something is not good for you, let yourself evaluate it after some time. Before you listen to the advice of such people, consider what they have achieved and what life experience they have, and whether it is really worth listening to them. Surrounding yourself and imitate only these ones who accomplished something in their lives and with their actions are able to motivate others. Stay among the best and follow their example, and you will also become one of them.

Napoleon Hill used to say that it was not worth waiting for the right moment, because she would never come. Postponing one's actions will not bring anything good, it will only delay success in time. Let's start acting, let's take the first step, big or small if we have concerns, but let's act. Standing still, we will not achieve anything, but setting goals and striving for them will give us results.

Peter Shankman encouraged action, even if it involved stupidity. If something at the beginning and seemingly unreasonable and pointless, however, if we think about it, it may turn out that it is worth risking and committing a few foolishness, which will open new horizons for us.

Thoughts of the greatest characters

Life should be an adventure, as Hellen Keller, a deaf and blind activist and writer stressed. An adventure for the brave, who are not afraid to risk to achieve their goals. Not everyone has to take risks, but to a much lesser extent to endanger themselves in order to ensure their mental well-being. However, we should not be afraid to act where the effect does not fully become predictable and clear to achieve.

Martin Luther King is one of the people in the history of the world who has written very strongly. He always stressed that you have to go forward, you must not stand still. If we can't realize ourselves in one way, let's look for the next, but we must never give up our dreams, regardless of the situation after every storm, the sun always comes out, so it's worth risking and exposing ourselves to a life spurred by hopes.

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