• January 28, 2023

Motivation as a basis for effective human management

What is motivation and what impact it has on people management

Regardless of which industry is related to our business, there may always be a lack of motivation to work.

First of all, motivation is very important and you should always remember about it. It may really be the element that will be responsible for our business and if we forget about it, it will be difficult to achieve success at the moment. Motivation must be tailored to the needs of the company as well as to the maturity of the employees.

First of all, self-motivation of the manager! The foundation will always be the ability to motivate oneself. If we can already do this, we can say that motivating employees should not be a problem for us either. To begin with, you will certainly need to know your own system of values, personal needs for implementation and achieving success. Then, if we know our strengths and weaknesses and capabilities, we can think about the direction in which to develop effectively.

If we understand each other and have a motivational system, we can start thinking about understanding others as well. What motivates employees?

If you have already developed this automation system you can start looking for ways to motivate other people. However, we remember that there is no one-size-fits-all system of motivation, which will always be perfect. People are different, and this is something that we must always take into account, we must remember about it. You have to analyze the needs and expectations of our employees, who will certainly work in some specific situation. We are looking for some general motivators, which will be characteristic for a given group of employees. We may look for factors that will influence the greater effectiveness of the work of the client's advisors.

If we find the right motivating factors, we can be sure that taking further traffic jams will be much easier and we will be able to effectively reach our employees. If we want to look for these motivating factors, we can also prepare an anonymous survey, in which employees will be able to express their opinions and get to know their expectations, and then carry out motivational activities thanks to which it will also turn out much easier. Let us also remember that money can play a rather important role in the motivation process and it is precisely such an element that cannot be forgotten.

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