• September 30, 2023


In 2004, LIDO-LANG Technical Translations commissioned a team of IT specialists to create a system for creating translations. In 2010, XTRF was already operating independently and took full control of the program of the same name. This tool has made the work of translation agencies easier thanks to a number of useful features. 

The times when offices were translating with a pile of dictionaries on their desks are long gone. Today everything is done electronically and the computer revolution has also reached the translators. XTRF, a translation agency management tool that has completely changed the industry, has been created to make it easy to work on translated texts and manage an office at the same time. 

Convenient office management

The program enables effective management of a translation agency thanks to functions such as building a database of translators, where we can easily assign text to everyone, as well as mark the category in which it specializes. The clear interface helps to keep the documentation in order, which will not fall into the wrong hands. This is possible thanks to their storage in a cloud, to which access is given to designated persons who log into the system with a login and password. We will deal with all kinds of transfers, invoices and money flow during the course of a translation agency. In XTRF we can control the finances of the office and plan the budget or use the income calculator. You can also easily plan and create price offers.  

It is worth noting that we do not need to perform some formalities, because the program executes them automatically for us. For example, sending an invoice to a client or creating directory structures - XTRF will do it by itself. In addition to financial management, the program allows for easy communication with the client, so that we can quickly consult the translated text. We can easily build databases of customers, subcontractors or orders. Further translations can also be monitored, commissioned and optimised via the database. All important data is stored in the cloud, so we can access it online from anywhere in the world. XTRF allows for quick and easy monitoring of translated texts. A text can be prepared, for example, in terms of length, difficulty and the language into which it should be translated. This allows the translators to work faster. 

Practical solution

With XTRF, office management will become even easier and more efficient. Therefore, if you run a translation agency, this solution may be ideal. The tool offers 3 price variants for small and medium companies and large corporations. In each of them we will find different functions, which may be more useful depending on the needs. The Krakow-based company, when it started working on XTRF, probably did not expect that they would completely change the work of translators.

XTRF has implemented the ISO 17100 standard. Learn more.

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