• March 29, 2023

Lack of motivation? We advise you!

Pursuit of the goal

1. look for inspiration

What inspires will also have a motivating effect and all this can be. It can be a different page, family, friends or just a picture.

2. find a trainer, sign up for a course

This will make us start working and then we will continue what we have already started. This may not be the cheapest way to maintain motivation, but it is very effective. It can be used in various fields. If we search well, we can find a good course and training at a good price.

3. why do you want to do this?

It is worth finding reasons to act and write them down. We have to think about why we do it and what we want to do, we analyze the conclusions we come up with. If we make decisions for our loved ones, we try to do nothing more when we do something for ourselves. This does not mean that acting for yourself is bad, but we are looking for motivation to act more efficiently.

4. Don't be discouraged

Probably more than once there will be people who will distract us from what is important. So it is good to be able to recognize such cases in order to deal with them. It is about learning it and having a card with you, where we will write everything down. It is a simple and effective method of discovering the temptations lurking at every step. And then you can consciously bypass them.

Personal development

5. Never forgive for two days in a row

We are just people and we can forget something. But if this happens and we are not strong the next day, we can't do it and we have to get down to work. We don't let go for two days in a row, because everything will fall to us.

6. visualisation of the target

It is very important to have a goal implicitly before our eyes, because then it will be much easier for us to pursue it. It is worth to imagine the desired success very precisely, because it will make everything easier to achieve. It will be easier for us to do this when we really know what we want to do.

7. progress log

It is also worth keeping notes in which we will write everything down. If we see progress, we will certainly be mobilised. It is also important to effectively catch the theoretical errors that may also occur. We make entries every day.

8. healthy competition

Competition is in our minds and that is why, if we fight against someone, our actions will probably be more effective, in the end we will want to have a good result.

9. make a public promise

It will always work, set up a blog and boldly announce. People certainly look and then we won't want to fall out well.

10. think positively

We reject all bad feelings. We control our thoughts and listen to our internal voice. We have it like everyone else. And let's start to listen to each other.

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