• September 30, 2023

Is Lexus NX a premium car?

Crossover Lexus

Premium cars must be distinguished by elegant design, comfortable solutions and the use of the latest technology. Not every brand is able to create such a car, all the more so because the segment of this type of cars is extremely narrow. So does the Japanese producer and its Lexus NX have a chance to join this group?

Lexus in premium class

The beginning of Toyota's struggle to enter the elite group of luxury cars was at the end of the eighties. It was in 1989 that Toyota showed the world a large limousine with a well known LS marking. It was the bull's eye and the model gained great recognition, especially in the United States. This was not changed by a small slip-up, which was repaired in an unprecedented way. The Toyota limousine service action included the collection of the vehicle from the customer's home, its repair and return of the washed and refuelled car. It goes without saying that all customers who trusted this brand liked this service.

Brand image

Premium cars are mostly large size limousines. It's no surprise, then, that Toyota has started its efforts to enter this segment with the LS400. Every brand whose dream is to conquer this narrow circle of customers looking for luxury cars, must still confirm its high level. The examples show that this is possible, and Lexus is a strong brand that proves to the world from the very beginning that it knows what premium means. Considering the fact that the brand image, but also its ideology are important factors determining its entry into the premium segment, Lexus definitely has a chance to do so.

Lexus interior

Immaculate and original appearance

Premium products must have a certain sophistication, which is why the appearance of the car is very important in this case. Lexus stands out at first glance with its rather aggressive but still very elegant appearance. It has a characteristic line for the brand, but its silhouette is also light and full of dynamism. The style of Lexus has changed, but always for the better, showing the competition that he is able to perfectly combine class with a friendly silhouette. In this category, Lexus NX definitely shows that it belongs to the premium class.Comfortable and friendly interior.

The interior of a car should make us happy to come back to it, even if we have a very long journey ahead of us. The manufacturers of Lexus are well aware of this, so the leather covering the interior of the car is very solid and aluminium has not been replaced by plastic. In this case, nobody was going for an easy way, looking for savings and replacement materials. Staying inside the NX is simply enjoyable until you don't want to leave it. And that's what a premium car should be like.

Lexus NX - premium or not yet?

After reading all this information, the question remains - can Lexus NX be considered a premium car? Fantastic design, elegant and at the same time original silhouette, luxurious interior and full comfort of traveling with it, make the answer can only be however. The NX 300 is certainly a premium car that will meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

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