• September 30, 2023

IPhone XI - first impressions

Premiere of IPhone XI

IPhone XI will only appear on the market in a few months, which of course does not prevent you from being excited about this important moment. In the network we will already find a mass of leaks and renders of the newest device of the American giant. What can we count on for IPhone XI?

3 lenses

A camera is an extremely important part of every new flagship, so IPhone XI will be really crazy here. Everything indicates that we will get not one and not two lenses, but three pieces arranged non-linearly, on a small oval. An LED lamp will appear above them. This is undoubtedly an unusual stylistic solution.

You should bear in mind that the work on the phone is still ongoing and you can't be sure that this is how the phone will look like. Many changes can still be expected. However, it is almost confirmed that we will have three variants of IPhone XI to choose from. At least one of them will have the three lenses, but it is possible that all three cameras will have it.

Parameters IPhone XI

Enlarged reality and other announcements

As always, before the release of new devices, you should be very sceptical about all information. However, one can be very positive about the fact that IPhone XI will have 3D ToF technology. It is a solution designed to support augmented reality tasks, so it will be possible to use such solutions already published in phones. Information about augmented reality is provided by Bloomberg, so it is a trustworthy source.

Other gossip

Other rumors are, of course, all the mass and it is difficult to keep up with the wonders that a potentially new phone can have and most likely it is no loss, because such rumors almost never confirm themselves. From unofficial but relatively reliable sources there is also information that we can expect a fingerprint reader integrated with the screen. A USB-C can be added to this.

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