• September 30, 2023

Ideal hotels for demanding business customers

Hotel for business travel

Business customers are the most burdensome group for hotel service, mainly due to high requirements.

As we know, a hotel stay for a business client is tantamount to the performance of professional duties, more importantly, these are guests who regularly visit hotel facilities, so they have a comparison of hotel services and quality of service.

The requirements of business clients are usually specific and very high - while private guests easily accept a minimalist room, the business client expects at least a substitute for the house, i.e. the reduction of empty space and the provision of the room with an appropriate TV set. In addition, a desk and WiFi Internet access should be mandatory in the hotel room.

Most business clients expect an alternative between a standard room, apartment and studio.

Hotels focused on business guests, striving to attract regular customers, should have a well-equipped restaurant, which will encourage customers to take advantage of the offer. It is therefore necessary to take care of a wide range of meals, while taking into account the individual needs of allergy sufferers, as well as individual fashions and culinary tastes of guests. The optimal solution is international cuisine with a regional accent. The restaurant should be complemented by a cafe.

Another determinant of the hotel focused on business guests are the conference rooms, preferably a few. It is the hotel staff's responsibility to organize all events in the conference rooms.

Business guests are by definition active people, so hotels should take care of additional attractions such as a bar or swimming pool, a salt cave or wellness treatments is also a good idea.

An important issue for business guests is also the attractive location of the hotel, providing the opportunity to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and bustle of the city.

Hotel customer

It is also worth remembering that according to estimates, business customers generate 1/3 of all turnover in the domestic hotel industry.

Company lunches also prove to be an important factor - this is mainly due to the fact that company lunches are tax deductible under the law. We are talking about meals during which important business matters are dealt with. Company lunches are an attractive alternative to standard business trips.

In order to meet the needs of business customers, many hotels in the country offer conference rooms and restaurants adapted to serve business customers and their guests. Business lunches turn out to be particularly important for foreign guests for whom this solution is a standard.

It is also worth taking care of an attractive entertainment package, especially when these are guests who visited the city for the first time - in this case, however, it is necessary to take into account their individual schedule and the ability to plan time on their own, in which case business lunch turns out to be the optimal solution.

It should also be remembered that an attractive place to stay is not enough to fully satisfy business customers, it is important especially when an agenda is implemented during a meeting. It is the hotel's duty to provide spectacular decoration and tasty dishes.

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