• September 30, 2023

Ideal hotel for conference organizers

Hotel conference

Conferences have become an excellent way to generate large profits for hotels at a time when the industry was in crisis. The success of this project made it possible for more and more hotels to organize conferences in their area at a relatively low cost.

Even small hotels try to make their space available at least as little as possible for the organisers of all kinds of conferences. Training, meetings, business breakfasts - all of this can bring a lot of money.

Planning the appropriate functions

Adaptation of the hotel for conference functions is relatively simple, which does not mean, however, that you can always and everywhere without any effort to start appropriate activities. It is best to start already at the architectural design stage. At this point we ask ourselves how big conferences the hotel would like to operate and thus how much space will be willing to separate for these functions. These issues of course depend on the hotel's idea for themselves, because not all facilities have to treat conferences as the primary source of income. For many, this may be a relatively small item on the balance sheet, as they will prosper well in other fields.

In this area it is also necessary to find out whether it is better to focus on organizing small business trainings, or maybe it would be better to focus on scientific events or meetings of people placed high on the corporate ladder. It is therefore necessary to carry out a proper analysis of the market and check who could realistically request conference space and what their expectations would be in this respect. Such an analysis must also include the prices of services in the area and who and to what extent offers such proposals at all.

Business meeting

The key is the decision on the scale of action. As far as possible, it is now possible to act in a very flexible way by preparing the space in a way that can be easily adapted. Usually you need one large conference room and several smaller panel rooms. If the entire space can be created on the basis of movable walls, the entire conference space can be adapted to the customer's requirements. Having small rooms, static or dynamic in the way described here, is usually a necessity because most orders are related to small groups, which means that even if the rest of the area will not earn money, part of it will be used at the moment.


Acoustics is very important in conference rooms. Good acoustics can be achieved relatively easily if you try to do so from the beginning of the building. Adaptation of the rooms is more difficult, but it is also not a problem not to jump over when carrying out a renovation on an appropriate scale.

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