• September 30, 2023

How to fight with stage fright during speeches?

How to cope with stress

Stress is a part of public speeches and no matter what meeting we are going to hold, there will always be concern about how people will react. According to psychologists, it is the public speeches that are among the biggest stressors and many people have a problem with it. All the speeches as a common denominator have stress. It is a situation that occurs in everyone and can have either a motivating or paralysing effect.

How to prepare for a public address?

Regardless of the type of presentation, the preparation may be similar. You have to set yourself the purpose of such a speech and then think about the target group. It is important to consider who we are going to talk to, because it is very important how such a speech will be shaped afterwards. We will look different in a company where everyone knows us and our speech in an open forum, where everyone will be able to judge the speaker and at the same time it will not be familiar, so this assessment will be reliable.

What are we most afraid of?

The feeling of stress is common to all people, but it will be a reaction that is strongly individual. Different people have different levels of stress and sensitivity to different stimuli and at the same time it will also be different to react and look for specific solutions. Everyone has to observe himself, because this is the way we are really going to be able to prepare for ourselves a tactic of action, which will make it possible to neutralize him or herself quite quickly when stress occurs.

Fear of withdrawal

We have many different situations that will be stressful, but in the course of the speeches it will be possible to overcome this fear quickly, provided that we are able to observe and interpret the behaviour of the people around us well. In that case, we already have an opportunity to get to know what people think about us and it will be a very convenient solution, because in fact, this will give us the opportunity to react, to change something during the speech. It is important to be able to react to what is happening in the audience during the speeches, because it will allow us to change the speech so much that the reception will be better than it might have looked like at first.

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