• September 30, 2023

How to attract business guests to the hotel?

Business guest at the hotel

Luxury hotels are the facilities most frequently used by business customers who are on a business trip. Considering the high competition in the hotel market, owners of accommodation facilities cannot limit themselves to providing business guests with only an office corner in the room, it becomes necessary to create an offer that will meet the expectations of guests with higher requirements.

At this point it is worth mentioning that a business guest at the destination usually leaves four times more money than an individual guest.

No wonder that hotels compete in attracting as many businessmen as possible, who decide to stay in a given establishment during a business stay in a particular place.

This is largely due to the fact that a business stay usually includes several nights, and also provides an opportunity to offer integration trips, conferences or congresses organized in this very place.

It is certainly worth considering the development of a multi-faceted offer, which will be of interest to domestic and foreign companies.

In addition, it should be remembered that business tourism is the most profitable branch of the industry, and a business client spends up to three hundred times more than an average tourist during the year.

According to statistical data, business tourism accounts for almost one third of the industry's revenue, and profits are growing every year, and everything indicates that this issue will remain unchanged.

Relaxation after the meeting

The priority of the leading hotels in Poland is a comprehensive and professional service of business trips. It is not difficult to notice that the most popular are airport facilities located in the immediate vicinity of airports. These are hotels that offer not only standard conference services and business rooms with high-speed internet access, but also free transportation from the airport or baggage delivery from the airport directly to the guest room.

Hotel attractions

Looking at the opportunities offered by airport facilities, it is not difficult to see that other hotels need to provide business customers with alternative attractions.

An example here are the broadly understood SPA services, offered mainly by facilities located far from the main communication routes. SPA zone is the perfect solution to fill the time between work and night rest.

The regeneration offered by hotels gives customers the opportunity to break away from everyday duties, both business and family, and thus to enjoy a bit of pleasure during a tiring business trip.

Business guests usually book hotel accommodation for one or two nights. Equipment in this respect turns out to be a secondary matter - the comfort of work is much more important, mainly access to fast Internet.

However, it should be remembered that active hotel guests often look for additional attractions, so it is worth making sure that the facility has a swimming pool or gym, prepare a plan of trips to the area or a program offered by local nightclubs and discos.

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