• September 30, 2023

How does a business coach work?

Resistance to stress

From the very beginning of its existence, motivational training focuses primarily on meeting the expectations of people who are interested in it. People appear in a business trainer on the basis of different motivations. One thing is that their lives should look different from what they are currently living, so they want change or they want to act more effectively. Others, on the other hand, are motivated by more specific issues - they have a clear goal, but often lack the idea of what action to take in order to achieve this goal.

Effective coaching

A business trainer often has the task of putting order in their lives, because it lacks peace of mind, a sense of fulfillment, and sometimes just joy. Sometimes the customer wants something less. It is worth mentioning here the stress and financial pressure. Of course, no matter what the individual motives are, coaching must start with the client. The only goal of a business trainer is to get the client to develop his or her potential as he or she wants to define it.

The motivational speaker helps you to change and pursue the client's goal. A business coach draws handfuls from many disciplines, with the focus on psychotherapy and so-called psychological counselling. Both fields often compete with each other, which we can see for example through the analysis of the so-called literature of the subject.

Financial benefits

Resistance of the trainer

Therapists writing about business coaches most often focus on drawing attention to its characteristic superficiality. This is not always an unfounded accusation, because if we are dealing with a trainer who lacks experience, it can happen and so that he can omit the signals and clues that seem obvious to a psychotherapist, even if he does not have an impressive experience in the profession. However, we cannot disagree with the fact that when talking about business coaches and psychotherapists, it is also easy to point out the differences. The most serious is connected with the mental state of the client himself, because it turns out that the client who goes to a business trainer is not as desperate as the one who seeks help from a psychotherapist. In the latter case, the medical nature of the relationship also deserves attention.

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