• January 28, 2023

How do I remove tempered glass from my phone screen?

Removal of toughened glass

While placing tempered glass on the surface of a phone display is not a difficult task, removing it can be quite problematic. How to do this, then.

When should I remove the glass?

The most important task facing toughened glass is to protect the phone screen against scratches and damage in other forms. It happens, after all, that the phone falls from a greater height. The screen is then whole, but the momentum of impact hits the glass, making it no longer suitable for reuse. That's when it's best to start replacing it with new ones.

How do I remove tempered glass from my phone screen?

Toughened glass is kept on display because it is helped by a white, colourless glue. This is what makes the whole construction stable and makes it impossible to see any leakage between the screen and glass. Of course, it's got pros and cons. If we are thinking about how to remove toughened glass from Samsung or another phone, we must remember that it is necessary to make some initial preparations.

In the case of not too complicated tempered glasses, a method based on the use of clear or repair tape is applied. In such a case it suffices that we cut off an appropriate piece of it, and then carefully glue it to the tempered glass of our telephone. After that, we can only pull the tape with a gentle or fast motion. Perhaps we can also unstick the glass itself in this way. However, if our efforts are not successful, we have no cause for concern.

How to remove tempered glass from an Iphone

Thinking about how to remove toughened glass from the Iphon, we can also take care of a quick warming up of the glue. The high temperature causes the adhesive to lose its properties. Of course, if this is to be a safe procedure, we need some support. There are many possibilities, but the best thing to do is to check your hair dryer. For a dozen or so seconds its stream must be directed towards the mobile phone, although always remember to keep a sufficient distance so as not to accidentally damage the smartphone. The next step is to buy something that is not only flat, but also quite sharp. A toothpick is most often used for this purpose, although experience shows that longer nails will also work perfectly. The glass tip should be gently lifted from each side. If any attempt works, a plastic card will certainly help us. It is with its help that glass should be undermined until it can be grasped and completely detached from the phone.

Problems with glass

When we think about how to safely remove toughened glass, we have to take into account that broken glass itself can also pose a problem. It often breaks in half or even in several parts. If this happens, it usually has to be challenged again.


Peeling off toughened glass from the screen is not a difficult task at all. However, be careful not to scratch the display itself.

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