• September 30, 2023

Ford Mustang - America on European roads

Ford Mustang

Mustang is the epitome of rebellion, wilderness and adrenaline. Until recently, it was a car for a few, unavailable in European salons. However, the new models are extremely comfortable to drive and can be found more and more often on the streets of European cities. Does this mean that Mustang has lost his claw?

American premiere in the European salon

For years, Europeans have dreamt of the American miracle of motorization. When Ford Mustang arrived in the showrooms, customers were shocked - it was not comfortable at all, and the finish and materials used left a lot to be desired. It did not fit European needs, only slightly seasoned with dreams of American wilderness. Despite the timeless and legendary character of this car, the creators agreed to smooth its image for the needs of European markets.

Beautiful differences

This great coupe looks fiercely, continues the legend of muscle cars, kindling the imagination of many a motoring fan. When he appeared, he stole his heart immediately with his massive, characteristic appearance. That's why lifting did not cover too many of its aspects - in fear of losing design. The most controversial turned out to be the new headlights - in the opinion of many, too gentle, without the "something" that created Mustang's bad gaze. It turns out, however, that this small change was well thought out. Mustang not only did not lose its character, but also gained new possibilities. Premium class? Not here! The legendary V8 engine with its ear-pleasing sound dreams of many. Mustang is the cheapest model with such an engine, it cannot be called a premium car.

The original model emphasized this very much, especially through the ubiquitous, cheap materials. But how to reconcile European love in luxury with this predatory, hard western style? For European tastes, Ford decided to improve the materials used in the dashboard, the middle tunnel and the door. Thanks to this, the interior has become less clumsy. The previous clock replaced the eight-inch screen, a new system of entertainment and Internet connectivity appeared.

New Ford Mustang

Strength of Mustang

One of the Ford Mustang's flagship features is the V8 engine. It's 450 horsepower with rear-wheel drive and five liters of capacity under the control of a manual gearbox. The driving experience of this car is still amazing. The new Mustang can also be equipped with the four-cylinder 2.3 EcoBoost. This engine offers 290 horsepower and 440 Nm torque. In this version there is also a 10-speed automatic transmission, thanks to which the car reaches 100 km/h in 5.5 seconds. The gearbox, which reduces gears quickly and supports driving in sharp corners, also enjoys good reputation.

New suspension

In the new Mustang, the MagneRide suspension was placed after the lifting. The shock absorbers are equipped with a special fluid that reacts quickly to changes in the electromagnetic field. This is an advanced technology that allows shock absorbers to adapt to road conditions. Mustang offers three suspension modes - Sport, Race and Normal. The new suspension provides a much more comfortable, sophisticated ride, even when the road is not conducive.

American claw and European trait?

Did Ford achieve its goal and combine the tough American character of Mustang with the requirements of Europeans? According to experts, he managed to do it quite well. The new Mustang emits less exhaust fumes, is more comfortable and more comfortable to drive. However, he is not lacking in a certain inequality in work and fierceness, typical for the first version.

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