• September 30, 2023

Fast integration of PrestaShop with e-commerce software - Dropex

​Automation of order fulfillment using API from Dropex

The rapid development of the e-commerce market around the world has led to the automation of many fulfillment processes. It is no longer profitable for entrepreneurs to do some work “manually” as it takes too much time and does not bring the desired efficiency. Therefore, the automation of various business tasks is gradually becoming a daily necessity in modern e-commerce.

Benefits of automatic order processing for PrestaShop

In fact, automating routine processes is not a difficult task. The developers of various APIs give us the ability to easily do it ourselves. For example, Dropex specialists have created software that allows you to quickly automate and transfer orders, view reports online, track inventory balances and much more. This gives the store a lot of advantages:

  • performance improvement;
  • reduction of time for order processing;
  • minimization of errors in the collection of parcels and delivery;
  • increasing customer confidence;
  • increase in sales, etc. 

In addition, Dropex services provide many more important advantages. First, this operator helps you save both money and time. Second, it provides support from experienced professionals who are ready to help you develop your business. Third, it gives a great opportunity to enter new foreign markets.

Fast integration of PrestaShop with e-commerce software

Let us take a closer look at what you need to integrate PrestaShop with Dropex software. It may sound daunting for beginners, but do not panic ahead of time. All you need to do is contact the fulfillment center manager. Below you will receive detailed information and instructions. All the time, you will be accompanied by a personal curator who will answer your questions and be assigned to you in order to be in touch during the entire period of cooperation. The integration itself will take no more than 3-5 business days. After that, you will be able to easily start working in the system. The software interface itself is simple, so it will be easy to figure out where certain sections are located. Interruptions in the CRM system are rare because the API is fast and stable. In any case, you can always contact your personal manager.

Powerful PrestaShop order fulfillment optimization software

By connecting the software, you will be presented with a considerable list of possibilities. Let us start with ease of integration. So:

Easy integration

You do not have to figure out complex system wiring diagrams on your own. All you need to do is to:

  • fill out the call-me-back form on the website so that the Dropex manager can contact you;
  • provide them with the necessary information (technical requirements and capabilities of your accounting system, which country you are interested in, etc.);

Automated order fulfillment in PrestaShop

Once connected, you do not need to control and supervise the execution of each order yourself. This will be done by the employees of Dropex warehouses.

  • When you place an order on the website of your store, it will automatically be redirected to the Dropex warehouse.
  • The application will be accepted within a few minutes, then they will collect the parcel, recheck the products for defects, pack them and give them to the courier.
  • After sending the products, the customer will receive an SMS notification that their package is already on the way with the estimated time of its arrival.
  • Payment will be made by cash on delivery after the customer receives the products. The funds will immediately go to your account and the operation will be displayed in your personal account.

PrestaShop Automated returns management

In case of order cancellation, the warehouse will also process the return, that is:

  • they will check the order for defects;
  • if the products are free of defects, they will be sent back to the warehouse;
  • if the product is defective or damaged, it will be disposed of.
  • All actions and results of return processing will be recorded in the CRM system.

Complete warehouse management

In addition to the standard services of fulfillment centers, Dropex also provides additional:

  • branding of packaging as well as the ability to select a specific material (kraft bags, corrugated paper, kraft paper with a print, gift boxes, tubes, etc.);
  • marking according to the requirement of a particular store (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.);
  • inventory upon request;
  • balance management, etc.

Importance of outsourcing automated order fulfillment for PrestaShop

To summarize, we understand that outsourcing and automation of order fulfillment is very important for modern e-commerce. This will allow you not to be scattered over different warehouses and business processes, but to devote time to equally important tasks. So, the pros of delegation and automation in Dropex are as follows.

Saving time and resources

In the reports of entrepreneurs who have been cooperating with Dropex for several years, one can see that the services of the order fulfillment center are much cheaper than independent logistics. This is not surprising, because you do not need to rent a warehouse, hire staff, pay unprofitable courier rates and much more. Freed up from routine tasks, entrepreneurs try to devote themselves to thinking through new advertising strategies and marketing. And this gives its results - expansion of the product range, improvement of the product quality, increase in sales and, accordingly, business.

Minimizing errors

Work in the warehouse is entrusted only to the employees who have previously successfully completed an internship. An understanding of responsibilities, combined with a clear action plan, helps to minimize errors in orders at times. But if here it is not possible to get rid of oversights completely due to the human factor, then with automation everything is much more reliable.

Increasing customer loyalty

Customer loyalty depends on many factors: product quality, service level, delivery speed, seller's willingness to make concessions and much more. When worries about warehouse processes and ensuring fast delivery are transferred to the operator, the entrepreneur has a lot of time to revise and improve the rest of the service. For example, setting up high-quality work of managers with customers (polite communication, drawing up a selling script, controlling the speed of responses, etc.) or improving the product (selecting the best materials, expanding the range, etc).

Full control

Delegation of logistics implies the transfer of many processes to the provider. This means that the warehousing of products, their processing, shipping and inventory are transferred under the full control of the order fulfillment center. You do not have to participate in this personally, but only view and analyze the reports.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable fulfillment center, Dropex is always ready to advise and start cooperation. This is a company that has been operating in the European market for several years and has established itself as one of the best partners. You can contact Dropex managers by phone or email indicated on the official website of the company.

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