• September 30, 2023

Dual sim phones

Dual sim function

Dual SIM smartphones are phones that have the ability to mount two SIM cards there. This allows us to use the services of two different operators on a single device.


The first such devices appeared on the market in the year 200. Initially they were produced by unknown, small companies from China. Larger manufacturers were rather avoiding these devices under pressure from large international operators. Now, however, the situation has changed and leading phone manufacturers are increasingly introducing not only basic devices, but also those with a dual SIM card slot.

The world's dual sim phone market

Telephones with two cards are the most popular in developing countries. Among others, in south-east Asia. Africa or India. Prepaid payments dominate in these countries. The percentage of phones per card in India is more than 90%. This may be due to the fact that, in developing countries, it is difficult to determine the creditworthiness of people to lend for the purchase of a phone. It is also worth noting that dual sim phones are more popular in less stable markets, especially where there is a large price difference between network and offline calls.

The market of dual sim telephones in Poland

In Poland, the division of users into cards and subscriptions is about 50% each. The high rate of subscribers in Poland is influenced by the fact that creditworthiness is rather easy to check and quite good due to well-developed banking systems.

Smartphone with Dual SIM

The telecommunication services market is stable and at large discounts. Offers of individual operators are very similar to each other, they differ in details. It is becoming more and more difficult to convince the subscriber to change the operator.

Since there is a significant percentage of telephones purchased from operators under subscription agreements, dual sim devices are not so popular in our country. This is related to the current strategy of operators in our country. The situation is slightly different in the case of devices purchased on the free market. In recent months, dual sim devices have become more and more popular there. Among other things, they sell better and better as part of online sales. However, these phones are medium or low end devices.

Savings and convenience with a dual sim phone

Thanks to them you can, for example, use the free Internet Areo 2. By installing the Aero 2 card you get equipment that will give us free access to yourself. With these devices, you will also be able to avoid high network and call charges abroad. All you need to do is to buy the card on the local market. You will be able to use a card from another network if, for example, it provides better prices inside. Thanks to the combination of promotion of different operators through two SIM cards, you will be able to count on considerable savings. If someone runs a business, thanks to such a device they will be able to separate two private and corporate numbers in one piece of equipment, so you will avoid wearing two phones at the same time.

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