• September 30, 2023

Conference room

Conference room

The preparation of the conference room can be compared, to a certain extent, to the preparation of one's own home for the reception of guests, although this is, of course, a much more complex issue, which requires more work and better organisation in every respect. The success of a business event is often directly correlated with the success of the company that prepares the conference.

Conference room

The first impression, which is always very important, will be of great importance here. If the first opinion about the whole event is negative, then it is possible to convince the guests to each other, but it is incomparably more difficult than when the guests are positive about the event from the very beginning. In other words, the primary goal is to make a positive first impression.


The conference room must be tidy and the whole thing must be spatially orderly. There must be no dirt or damaged equipment. There should also be no mismatched elements, which do not match the other equipment. All such things should be removed. You have to be cautious about the style, because the arrangement of furniture should be harmonious and geometric, and the combination of this with a noisy aesthetic arrangement will disturb such an effect. It is also important to take care of the plants in the hall. They should not be dusty.

Conference room at the hotel


Very often one forgets about the small detail, which is the smell in the conference room. It should be fresh and pleasant, but relatively neutral, so that it neither matches anyone's preferences nor quarrels with anyone's nose. Air quality must be good and there must be no dust, because people with respiratory problems and allergies will certainly react very negatively to this state of affairs. It is a good idea to choose buildings outside of city centres, so that opening a window in them does not cause an influx of fumes inside.

Availability of equipment

All equipment used during the conference should be easily accessible and it is best if it can be set up in a few moments. If there is a problem with this, the conference looks badly prepared and unprofessional, even if the problem results from the limitations of the conference space and is simply an objective problem. It's also a good idea to have spare devices so that a single fault doesn't grow to the level of tragedy.

Size of the conference room

The conference room should be selected according to the number of guests. It will be a catastrophe if it turns out that there is no room for someone to sit in, or you have to regularly wade through the maze of equipment and people. However, the opposite situation is not advisable either, as a room too large, shining empty, does not adjust well to the event and hinders the integration of the whole group. Remember to make sure that the sound system is suitable for larger rooms, so that there is no problem with the speakers' audibility. The room should have generally good acoustics and there should be no echoes, reverberations or external noises in the room.

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