• September 30, 2023

Car waxing - what gives and how to do it correctly?

waxing of the car

Taking proper care of your car is not limited to regular cleaning. Sometimes you need to pet the four wheels a bit and decide to wax the car. Thanks to this simple treatment, the dream of a glossy car with a perfectly smooth lacquer can come true.

The car paintwork is exposed to many factors every day. Rain, asphalt particles, tree resin. These are just a few of the elements that have a huge impact on the appearance of your car. If you want your paint to look good, car waxing will help.

What does waxing a car do?

The first thing we think of when we talk about waxing a car is the glossy paint. However, there are many more advantages of this treatment. Adequate car waxing primarily protects the paint from negative influences and also improves transparency. The waxed bodyshell regains its shine and deep colour, and all kinds of dirt and debris settle more slowly on it. Additionally, the wax fills in the imperfections of the lacquer. As a result, scratches of any kind may be less visible.

Step-by-step waxing of the car:

  • Wash your car thoroughly to expose any scratches and imperfections in the paint.
  • The next step is to dry the car, preferably with microfibre cloths.
  • For a better waxing result, the car should be polished thoroughly. This can be done with a special dry or wet polishing paste.
  • Once the car is polished, you can start waxing.
  • It is best to wax from the upper body parts to the lower body parts.
  • Spread the preparation with circular movements so that it is completely absorbed.
  • Remember to apply a very small amount of wax preparation so that there is no smudge on the varnish.

Attention: You should not wax your car at high temperatures as the wax hardens very quickly. The use of professional equipment such as electric polishing machines, without proper preparation, can also cause more damage than good.

What means of waxing a car?

There are several types of car waxes. What is appropriate depends primarily on the paintwork and the type of car:

  • Hard wax (in the form of a paste) is ideal for damaged varnishes and older cars. This type of wax gives the best results, so the body shines and any scratches are less visible.
  • Wax in milk - gives a very strong shine. Its definite advantage is its ease of application. This is a great choice for people who wax their car for the first time.
  • Spray wax - these products are very easy to apply and comfortable. They give a shine to the bodyshell and reduce the risk of streaks.

In order for the car to look good, it is necessary to take care of polishing and waxing several times a year. Thanks to this, the paint will look smooth and shiny for a longer time. With all kinds of accessories available, you can now professionally refine your car yourself.

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