• September 30, 2023

Business trainer - how to establish good contact with the customer? - 5 golden rules

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Establishing good contact with the client will be guaranteed by a business trainer, who will then be able to work effectively and comfortably. The contact person is the trainer and it is he or she who will be in charge of the conversation during the first meetings.

Establishing contact by the trainer will be based on several principles.

(1) Zero phase

This is a description of the situation between the trainer and the manager, in which there is no contact yet, so there will be no lack of relations between the two people. This will not provide a basis for entering or continuing the working relationship between the customer and the coach.

2) Basic social contact

This type of contract will be based on observance of conventions and basic social principles of courtesy. Looking at the coach talking to the client in this phase of the relationship it will be a conversation, a simple pleasant one, during which the trainer will have to answer basic questions. It can be said that it is something like a cognitive meeting, when a bond between these people begins. And a good business coach will be able to go further beyond this phase as well.

3) Process-based relationships

This level of contact will mean agreeing on general principles of the coaching process. The client considers the coach to be an expert in this field. Contact is based on respect not so much for the coach as for his methods and techniques.

Reliable customer

4) Relationships based on professional skills

In this phase, the trainer will be trusted by the client. A deep understanding will start to emerge because the client no longer only believes in the process, but will also have confidence and respect for the trainer himself as a human being. Such an approach allows a state of change to be achieved.

5) Transpersonal agreement

Achieving this phase of contact requires the use of advanced skills. This tells us that the two partners in the relationship act in unity like a dance couple, which will create the winning show, and in the dance with other partners presents only technical excellence. Achieving this phase will cause the relationship between the trainer and the client to begin to develop, and thus there will be a greater motivational experience, which will go beyond the relationship itself. An experienced business trainer can offer this to all customers, but only the customer decides whether to rely on this process.

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