• September 30, 2023

Business trainer also for mature employees

Age of the employee

We have many harmful myths about workers over 50 years of age, which will have to be combated somehow. The social and economic changes that have taken place in our country are making the elderly a growing community, which is also of great importance for the economy. That is why investing in 50+ employees is a very important issue. Until not so long ago it was considered to be a waste of resources, but nowadays nobody says so and in the long run it is supposed to turn out to be much more profitable, it is supposed to generate significant profits.

The society of our country is also aging. We have fewer and fewer children and life expectancy is increasing. We have similar trends all over the world. The growing number of elderly people raises the question of how the market will continue to function, among other things, when it comes to the resources allocated to pension funds. The governments of many countries are, in fact, anxiously looking at the forecasts of hosts that take into account the prevalence of senior citizens. Particularly important are the measures aimed at maintaining jobs for older people, which are still active and competitive for younger workers.

Poland follows common patterns. However, at national level, we are dealing with phenomena that are not very beneficial. These include the low average retirement age. There will be many reasons for this, but above all, it seems that specific legal conditions and pressure on mature employees are crucial. In principle, there were no major consequences of early retirement until 2009.

Work for older people

Today, if we decide to do so, we must remember that it will significantly reduce our potential benefit. It will also be a question of time for the retirement age to continue to rise. There is no other option if we want to keep the system functioning at all. This, of course, leads to a situation in which there are more and more 50+ employees on the labour market. If the attitude of this group does not change, the situation will be extremely difficult.

It is a common belief that older people assimilate knowledge more slowly than young people. Therefore, in practice we do not want to teach them, and that is a mistake, because such thinking has nothing to do with reality. This is a stereotype that cannot be listened to, because in this way we actually discriminate against people who, because of their experience, often see more and develop more quickly.

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