• September 30, 2023

Business trainer - a new way of career

Business trainer

Business trainers are more and more often sought after and valued for their knowledge and competences. Despite the fact that the demand for training is growing all the time, salaries are really good for Polish conditions, there is still a lack of training staff who will conduct motivational and business speech well. According to statistics, currently the best coaches earn as much as several thousand zlotys per day, while beginners try from the rate of 60 zlotys per hour, which is not a bad salary at all.

How to become a trainer and what should guide us in choosing such a career?

Investment in own development

The profession of a business trainer is tempting due to high salaries and quite low costs of running such a business, so it is no wonder that more and more people want to try their hand at such a position. Most of the trainers who currently conduct training are people who graduated from university, worked in managerial positions for several or more years and share their knowledge with students throughout the whole of Poland. Before starting a business, practically everyone goes through courses or post-graduate studies at universities, which gives a strong basis for starting work as a business trainer.

What are the initial costs of entering the training market?

The course itself oscillates at a cost of 7 thousand zlotys, for which you will need a good laptop to prepare training materials and presentations, i.e. a cost of about 2-3 thousand zlotys, and for the software we have to have in the computer we will spend an average of 1.5 thousand zlotys. A good trainer will not end his education at the stage of courses for trainers, but will take care of continuous training and acquisition of knowledge. The purchase of books about the industry is several hundred zlotys, foreign language courses also amount to several hundred zlotys.

Training staff

Demand greater than supply

Although the number of professional trainers is increasing, there are still more questions about training than trainers. Currently there are about 9 thousand coaches in Poland, but it is estimated that this number will increase significantly in the next few years. This is due to the inflow of subsidies from the European Union for investments in human capital and the dismissal of the economy, and thus the relocation of many people, which will be a challenge for the trainers to pass on their knowledge to them.

Certificate for a business coach?

PIFS is constantly developing standards for the profession of trainer, which are currently lacking in Poland. They themselves are interested in opposing the certification of trainers, because their competence will verify the market and customers anyway, or their lack.

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