• March 29, 2023

Business presentation How many slides per 15 minutes of presentation?

How to make a good business presentation?

How many slides to put in your presentation in 15 minutes. A Power Point presentation is, of course, an issue that will be very important during a business presentation and it is important to think about this element. Much depends on what the environment is. It should be remembered that we do not have to be guided by the gifts we have seen so far. If someone pushes away the excess of slides it will certainly not look good.

It is worth looking for a solution that will be centred to some extent. This is the best solution you can choose. We have a certain amount of time for your presentation and you have to adjust the number of slides to that time. If we have 15 minutes and we make 50 slides, it turns out that we have to show as many as 43 slides per minute. This is definitely too much and there is no hope that it will be possible to speak of a proper order. There will also be no chance that the recipient will be able to draw something more from such a presentation.

Apart from the fact that we will show something, we will also say something. And that's why you'll have to think about it, of course, because combining speech and show with so many slides will be a big problem right away and you won't be able to put it all in order, there won't be a chance that it will stay in your head.

It is assumed that such a good amount is one slide per 3 minutes. That's why if we know how many minutes we'll be talking to this, we can then adjust the number of slides that we'll want to show at this presentation. A good speaker also does not need to have a lot of slides to prepare a good speech. On the contrary, if there will be a small number of slides, there will be an opportunity to really explain it all effectively and that is what we should care about. There is also no point in making many slides and jump between them quickly yet suggesting that this or that doesn't matter.

Then the listener will quickly start wondering whether we really had something interesting to present or whether we prepared at all.

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