• September 30, 2023

Business coaches - the demand grows every year

Union measures

The best business and motivational trainers earn up to 8,000 dollars a day. This is the rate that employers are willing to pay if the trainer's reputation is really good and the effects of his work can be seen in other companies. Despite such high rates business coaches do not complain about the lack of work and orders. This is due, among other things, to the influx of EU funds, which cover training and courses for employees in good faith. Motivational trainers are not only people who train groups of large and medium companies. It's also people who prepare TV stars and other public figures for good self-presentation, public appearances and a general image in the media. No wonder that there is no shortage of candidates for business coaches, income and fame can awaken the motivation of many people.

Trainers' salaries are not everything

A trainer who organizes training earns about 2 thousand zlotys on average, and the best in the industry have a few times more. If somebody has already developed opinions and documented professional successes, they can dictate the conditions of their services on the market. Therefore, more and more people decide to work as a motivational trainer, all the more so as there are more and more grants from the European Union to train employees of different age groups. In recent years, almost €2.3 billion has been earmarked for investment in human capital, and this is a tasty bite for many people involved in the organisation of business training.

European funding for training

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development will soon announce the results for companies that will win tenders for training of trainers with the funds coming from the European Union. The regulations formally regulating the profession of a trainer, which are currently not officially available in Poland, are also to be changed. In Poland, practically every person who wants to become a trainer can become one, because there are no standards describing this profession. However, it is unlikely that rigid standards will be announced, because the scope of training is too broad and requires many competences, thus it is difficult to clearly define the profession of a trainer.

Courses for employees

Specialization - the most valued

A good trainer should be a professional in his industry, should be followed by many years of practice, knowledge, but also training in preparation for the profession of a business trainer. A good trainer is characterised by a natural ability to work with a group, openness to new challenges and resistance to stress. Beginner trainer earns about 60 zlotys per hour, and this rate increases according to reputation and experience. It is difficult to find really good professionals today, so the best earnings are made by those who can really boast knowledge and specialization.

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