• September 30, 2023

10 tips on how to motivate yourself

Willingness to act

Declaration of what we want to achieve to others

In this way we will engage ourselves. If we do not take action, it will also affect us. Unpleasant tension is indeed a serious problem and it is worth looking for a solution. If we have declarations, we will want to fulfil them in order to fall out well.

Clarify the target

This is a key issue, after all, you need to know what will be important to us, and then start doing it. If the task is very important to us, the motivation to carry it out will be even greater. The action itself will be important and rewarding for us.


It will be easy to plan a pleasant reward for the tasks performed. It motivates to work, because if there is to be an award, our willingness to carry out tasks will also be greater. Initially, what is unpleasant may turn out to be positive for us.

Target visualisation

It is worth imagining the goal we are to achieve. Thanks to visualization, the abstract goal will become vivid, tangible. This creates a certain physiological stimulation.

Analysis of negative consequences

A negative consequence is, of course, a loss and our nature will be such that we do not like to lose. The very consciousness that this may happen will be very motivating and it is possible that it will encourage us to act.

Analysis of the positive consequences

It is worth remembering that we are facing some positive consequences, if everything is done well and these elements are also important and should be taken into account.

Key 5 minutes

In everything, the beginning will be very important. When we manage to undertake some tasks, then we will be able to carry them out efficiently, when the beginning is behind us.

The way to your destination

From the easiest to the toughest

Beginning with something easy at the beginning of the action, something will work out and it should go on more easily. Starting with the most difficult things, it will be really difficult to continue because we will be discouraged.

Method of Swiss cheese

Large tasks will be a piece of cheese without holes. From these you can separate slightly smaller ones, which will take us a few minutes. In your free time, you can start performing these tasks. By working with this method we will be able to achieve success, because the great tasks that frightened us will become small.

Get to know the enemy

It will be easier for us to carry out tasks about which we know a lot. That's why it's worth planning everything very well and finding out what we're going to do. All this can ultimately make a big difference.

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