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What is a proxy gateway?

A proxy gateway is a web application that acts as an intermediary in web browsing. The relevant software performs certain operations to download on your behalf and display the content of web pages. When you send a request to download a page (provide a page address to view), only the address of the gateway's server is sent to the target server, not the address of the user. The client is therefore isolated from the target server. This means that the proxy gateway allows you to change the IP address at which you are visible on the Internet by masking it with the IP address of the gateway.

Servers on which the proxy gateways are located are often protected by a firewall limiting the possibility of attack by crackers or malware. In addition, the gateway application provides tools for filtering data before it is displayed: URL encryptionis used to mask the addresses of the pages being viewed. Allows you to bypass some of the blockades that filter pages for URLs.

We recomend (without refferal URL) FusionProxy services.

Page encryption allows you to avoid filters that check the content of the site code. The data collected by the gateway are encrypted by the server, displayed and decoded already on the user's side, through JavaScript.
Automatic removal of javascript scripts and flash objects protects us from obsessive advertising and virus infections. Additional advantage of cleaning scripts is significant acceleration of page downloading (less data to upload) and rendering (less CPU load). Option to disable/enable cookies often storing additional information about you, e.g. to track your behaviour. However, some interactive sites require cookies to function properly.

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